Jancis Robinson

Wine name Vintage Ausgabe Wertung
Barolo DOCG 2013 2013 2017 16,5/20

Pale ruby with orange tinges. Unusually reductive at the beginning, but improves with air. Really shy and reluctant but with wonderful coating tannins. Very elegant palate weight and good length. Genuine. (WS) 
Drink 2017-2032

Barolo DOCG 2013 Castellero 2013 2017 17/20

Very pale ruby. Herbal and a little closed with notes of chinotto. Same shyness on the palate, clearly in need of time to open up, but with a striking balance and fine, persistent sandy tannins. (WS) 
Drink 2018-2032

Barolo DOCG 2013 Sarmassa 2013 2017 17+

Pale ruby with orange tinges. The most concentrated on the nose of the three Brezza crus, with liquorice and strawberry on the nose, as well as the most approachable. Elegant yet with a firm structure and with impressive balance. A very elegant wine for this vineyard. (WS) 
Drink 2017-2030

Barolo DOCG 2013 2013 2017 16,5+/20

Rubino scarico con riflessi aranciati. Insolitamente riduttivo all'inizio, ma migliora con l'aria. Molto timido e riluttante ma con meravigliosi tannini di rivestimento. Molto elegante e strittirato al palato e buona lunghezza. Genuino. (WS) Bere 2017-2032

Barolo DOCG 2013 Cannubi 2013 2017 17/20

Pale ruby. Subtle yet intense with garden herbs, spice and strawberry. Gripping yet fine structure, needing much more time to integrate and juicy fruit that is just beginning to open up. Quite complete. (WS) 
Drink 2018-2038

Barolo DOCG Castellero 2013 2017 17

Rubino pallido. A base di erbe e un po' chiuso con note di Chinotto. La stessa timidezza al palato ha chiaramente bisogno di tempo per aprirsi, ma con un equilibrio sorprendente e fini, tannini di sabbia persistenti. (WS) Bere 2018-2032

Barolo DOCG 2010 Sarmassa 2010 2014 17
Barolo DOCG 2010 Cannubi 2010 2014 17.5/20
Barolo DOCG 2010 2010 2014 16+/20
Barolo Bricco Sarmassa 2008 2008 2013 95
BAROLO DOCG 2009 BRICCO SARMASSA 2009 2013 17/20

Comune of Barolo, Palish ruby with watery orange-tinged rim.Copact and a little closed on the nose. Fluid and supple on the palate, with a good dose of crunchy and lasting tannins on the finish. Competently made and quite complex and elegant (WS). Drink: 2016-2032

BAROLO DOCG 2011 2011 Apr - 2015 16,5/20

Slightly greyish ruby. Sweet, meaty nose - quite evolved. Lovely combination of freshness and ripeness, with fine tannins howvering in the background. Dry finish. 14,5% Drink 2017-2025. FINE + RARE.

BAROLO DOCG 2011 CASTELLERO 2011 apr-15 17+/20

Mid garnet. Very savory nose reminiscent of meat and two veg. Direct appeal with marked acidity. Dry finish but this is a wine that grabs the palate and convinces it that a long futures lies ahead- 14,5% Drink 2019-2030

BAROLO DOCG 2011 CANNUBI 2011 apr-15 17,5/20

Lustrous garnet. Light nose but promises hidden depths. Great charm with impressive structure Excellent finish, despite the alcohol. 15,5% Drink 2018-2030.

BAROLO DOCG 2011 SARMASSA 2011 apr-15 17,5/20

Lustrous garnet. On the nose it's a sort of compost bonbon(!), combining sweetness with autumn leaves. Lots of energy too and a pungent whiff of cordite on the finish. Impressive. 15% Drink 2018-2032.

BAROLO DOCG 2001 BRICCO SARMASSA 2001 feb-12 18/20

Barolo. Poured from magnum. Youthfull, compact and reluctant but with a hugely concentrated fruit palate and without being heavy or rustic. (WS). Drink 2008-2024 14,5%