Wine Align

Wine name Vintage Ausgabe Wertung
Barolo DOCG 2006 2006 2011 90

Here's a pleasant, neither modern nor rustic example, with a fine blend of old school floral perfume, erath and leather notes coupled with sweet ripe wild starberry and rasberry flavours. The palate is fullish, firm, more rustic than modern, and all the more authentic for it, leading into a long finish. A fine and balanced example all in all, an more than fair value.

Barolo DOCG 2011 2011 Wine Align 2016 92

Penetrating and intense on the nose, this has classic nebbiolo perfume of liquorice-spiced red fruit, fresh road tar and faded violet and roses in the textbook spectrum. The palate is a bit stewed, though keeps it together on the back of firm, woolly tannins. The finish lingers on a distinctly medicinal edge. I'd tuck this away for another 2-3 years at least for the maximum expression - it's not intended to be a fruity, early drinking wine to be sure

Barolo DOCG 2010 2010 Wine Align 2015 91

Classic, old school Barolo with dusty, faded flowers and dried red berry flavour, as well as plenty of resinous herbal notes. Perhaps not the most riveting example, but certainly representative.