Wine name Vintage Edition Score
BAROLO DOCG 2010 SARMASSA 2010 2015 94

"OUTSTANDING: 18,5/20 PTS (Ian D'agata 18,5; Michael Garner 18,5; Emily O'Jare 18,5) A bastion of traditionally made wines, Barolo lovers know that there are fewer surer bets than the wines of Enzo Brezza. Besides oustanding Freisa, Dolcetto and arbera wines, his different, site-specific Barolos are standard-bearers for Nebbiolo and the DOCG. This Sarmassa is the biggest and fleshiest given the cru's warmer microclimate and higher clay content - in better vintages a Bricco Sarmassa bottling is also made from the best situated vines - neatly distinguishing it from Brezza's Barolo Cannubi (sleeker due to a higher sand content in the soil) and the Castellero which falls stlylistically between. Ian d'Agata: Bright penetrating aromas of red cherry and bergamot. Mounting tannins will require patience before broaching, but this is a promision, well-balanced wine. Michael Garner: Broad, fresh, ripe an drosy. Sweet berry fruit with rose and mint perfumes. Fresh, ripe and round with mouthwatering acidity. Very good structure with frim but ripe tannins. Oerfumed, floral finish. Emily O'hare: Beautiful, expressive and fine tannin's, aromatics and flavors. Medium-bodied, high -arching palate. Excellent! Drin: 2018-2030 Alc: 14,5%"

BAROLO DOCG 2010 CANNUBI 2010 2015 95/100

"18,5/20 A remarkable wine from a can't miss vintage: sleek, graceful, perfumed. Enzo Brezza produces and archetypal Cannubi each vintage Drink: 2019-2030 Alc 14,5%"

Barolo docg 2009 Sarmassa 2009 2013 95+/100


Barolo 2005 Cannubi 2005 2009

Highly recommended

Barolo 2004 Bricco Sarmassa 2004 2009

Highly recommended

Barolo 2005 Cannubi 2005 2006

Highly recommended

Barolo 2001 2001 2006
Barolo 1999 1999 2003