Wine name Vintage Edition Score
BAROLO DOCG 2013 CASTELLERO 2013 2019 95/100

If you are looking for a Barolo which doesn’t follow fashion and trends ask Brezza. Since 1885, a family who honored itself in the tradition and precision to express its terroir and its wine. Already well known in Barolo for their “crus” Cannubi and Sarmassa, they surprised us with this Barolo 2013 Castellero. A wine which smell of the tradition at its purest: under bush roses, wild strawberries and liquorice, tree bark, herbs and coffee. 2013 distinguished itself as a classical year in the palate and the wine represents its essence. Fresh and savory, with tannins nicely present for an elegant balance. A wine to open today or to have it rest in your cellar for posterity.