Barolo DOCG Sarmassa

Location: town of Barolo
Soil structure: clay-silt
Composition of soil: silt 43.2%, clay 30.5%, sand 26.3%
Trellising: Vertical canopy
Vineyard expansion: 1 ha
Pruning system: traditional Guyot
Exposure: West, Southwest

Planting with: 1 m X 2.7 m.
Altitude: 300 m
Plant density: 3,700 plants per hectare
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Sub varietal: Lampia, Michet
Production: about 6,000-7,000 KG / ha
Rootstock clone: 420 A, K5BB
Year planted: 1941/2000

Soil characteristics
In ancient times, this area was called Salmassa, a name that probably originates from a source of brackish water welling up in its vicinity.
The soil of this vineyard, as is in the towns of Barolo and La Morra is made mostly from SANT’AGATA FOSSIL MARNE (TOV). The wines produced here are of grater quality in dry years: in fact, the highest percentage of clay and silt ensures a larger water retention, resulting in less stress on the vines that dwell in this land.

Production process
The winemaking system is one very close to the traditional method for Nebbiolo from Barolo, with a difference in the length of maceration which in this case is generally higher because the grapes have usually softer tannins.

Serving recommendations
Barolo coming from this vineyard is much more elegant resulting in an earlier readiness for consumption. The usual combination suggest the game and read meat but given its elegance, goes well also for the whole meal. This Barolo produced by the family only in great vintages with an indication of the MEGA (Additional Mention of the Geographic) in about 9/10 years after the harvest you will have a great wine for conversation and therefore only recommended in very good company.

Guide Vintage Edition Score
Guida Vitae - AIS 2016 2021 4 t'

Massimo punteggio: Granato vivido. Naso splendido, eccellente in finezza e dettagli, sprigiona ricordi di futta rossa, fiori essicati, delicati sentori torreffatti; cilegia e fragola in confettura si fondono a melagrana. Al gusto conferma l'equilibrio e l'armonia dei grandi: ha corpo proporzionato, tannini sfumati e lunga persitenza. Il classico Sarmassa dei Brezza, aristocratico. Da 2025. Riposa per 2 anni in grandi botti di Slavonia. Arrosto di maiale ai carciofi.

Falstaff 2016 2020 94

"Funkelndes Granatrot. In der Nase von mittlerer Intensität nach reifen Zwetschken und Kirschen. Am Gaumen viel reife Zwetschkenfrucht, griffiges, zupackendes Tannin, salzig, hat noch eine etwas raue Jugendlichkeit. Tasting: Barolo-Barbaresco-Roero Tasting 2020; Verkostet von: Othmar Kiem, Simon Staffler Veröffentlicht am 22.10.2020 "

Guida Vini BIO 2016 2021 Foglia d'Oro

Golden leave 2017 2021 88

Leggermente offuscato il profilo principale mostra note di foglie bagnate, salvia arsa, maggiorana e cacao in polvere. Corpo medio, tannini soffici poco estratti ed un finale a cui manca un po’ di personalità. Meglio dal 2021.

I Vini di Veronelli 2016 2021

94/100; 3 Stelle d'Oro

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2016 2021

2 Bicchieri Rossi; PTS 7: Compatto nella trama tannica il possente Barolo Sarmassa '16, vivido nei toni di lampone e tabacco.

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2015 2020


Slow Wine 2016 2021

Austero e cupo, con lievi cenni di frutta scura, si apre poi su eleganti profumi floreali. La bocca ha potenza e incisività tannica, e si muove in un quadro di spiccate solidità e tensione

Vinibuoni d’Italia 2016 2021
The Wine Advocate 2016 2020 91
Merum 2016 5/20 Oktober/November 2020
Vinaria 2016 n°6.2020

17,5 : (Barolista)Ausgeprägte Weichsel-Kirsch-Nase, dicht, viel Körper, Kirsche, Mandarine, Maracuja, vielschichtig, stoffige Textur, gerundet im Nachhall, harmonisch, sehr gelungen, lang im Finish mit viel Potenzial.

I Vini di Veronelli 2016 2021


Merano Wine Hunter 2016 2021 WineHunter Rosso
Wine Enthusiast 2016 2020 95
Vert de Vin 2016 2020 92-93

Brezza – Sarmassa 2016 – Barolo: The nose is racy and offers a fine intensity. It reveals notes of bigarreau cherry, ripe blackberry, small notes of violet associated with fine touches of ripe raspberry as well as fine hints of liquorice, nutmeg and a very discreet hint of cuben pepper. the palate is fruity, well-balanced and offers a juicy/finely acidulous frame and gourmandize. On the palate this wine expresses notes of bigarreau cherry, violet, small notes of ripe plum associated with fine touches of local copse as well as a hint of mushroom, clove and a discreet touch of spices. Good length."

Guida Vini BIO 2015 2019/2020
Jancis Robinson 2011 apr-15 17,5/20

Lustrous garnet. On the nose it's a sort of compost bonbon(!), combining sweetness with autumn leaves. Lots of energy too and a pungent whiff of cordite on the finish. Impressive. 15% Drink 2018-2032.

Wine Enthusiast 2011 2015 93

Fragrant an structured, this opens with aromas of wild berry, menthol, leather, tilled soil and aromatic hebs. The palate doles out wil cherry, fleshy black raspberry, cinnamon, white pepper and anise. Bracing tannins and racy acidity give it and ageworthy structure, but don't attempt this until after 2020. Alc 15%

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2012 2017
Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2013 2018
Decanter 2010 2015 94

"OUTSTANDING: 18,5/20 PTS (Ian D'agata 18,5; Michael Garner 18,5; Emily O'Jare 18,5) A bastion of traditionally made wines, Barolo lovers know that there are fewer surer bets than the wines of Enzo Brezza. Besides oustanding Freisa, Dolcetto and arbera wines, his different, site-specific Barolos are standard-bearers for Nebbiolo and the DOCG. This Sarmassa is the biggest and fleshiest given the cru's warmer microclimate and higher clay content - in better vintages a Bricco Sarmassa bottling is also made from the best situated vines - neatly distinguishing it from Brezza's Barolo Cannubi (sleeker due to a higher sand content in the soil) and the Castellero which falls stlylistically between. Ian d'Agata: Bright penetrating aromas of red cherry and bergamot. Mounting tannins will require patience before broaching, but this is a promision, well-balanced wine. Michael Garner: Broad, fresh, ripe an drosy. Sweet berry fruit with rose and mint perfumes. Fresh, ripe and round with mouthwatering acidity. Very good structure with frim but ripe tannins. Oerfumed, floral finish. Emily O'hare: Beautiful, expressive and fine tannin's, aromatics and flavors. Medium-bodied, high -arching palate. Excellent! Drin: 2018-2030 Alc: 14,5%"

Falstaff 2008 2013 92

"Glänzendes, sattes Granatrot. Offene und zugängliche Nase, sehr duftig, viel Weichselkirsche und Himbeere, im Hintergrund feine Gewürze. Rund und geschmeidig am Gaumen, viel reife Himbeerfrucht, öffnet sich dann mit feinkörnigem Tannin, warm und rund, sehr langer Nachhall, dezente Würze. Tasting: Piemont: Barbaresco, Barolo, Roero – Der nächste Streich; 22.11.2012 Verkostet von: Othmar Kiem "

Falstaff 2010 2015 93

"Leuchtendes Rubin mit ausgeprägtem Granatrand. Zeigt sich in der Nase zunächst etwas verhalten, leicht nach Kirsche, Heckenrosen und Zwetschke. Am Gaumen saftig und rund, charmante, präsente Frucht, öffnet sich mit viel feinmaschigem Tannin, süßer Schmelz, sehr lange und geschmeidig. Tasting: Piemont: Großer Jahrgang?; 21.11.2014 Verkostet von: Othmar Kiem"

Falstaff 2015 2020 93

"Leuchtendes Rubingranat. Fein gezeichnete Nase mit Noten nach Kirschblüten und Rosenblättern, dann feine Zwetschke. Griffiges, präsentes Tannin am Gaumen, schöne Kirsche, braucht noch etwas Zeit. Tasting: Barolo-Barbaresco-Roero; 22.11.2019 Verkostet von: Simon Staffler, Othmar Kierm"

Falstaff 2005 2009 88
Vert de Vin 2015 Spring 2019 93-94/100

The nose is elegant, fresh and offers a beautiful definition, a very fine richness as well as a very fine concentration. It reveals notes of Bigarreau cherry, violet and small notes of wild plum associated with fine touches of licorice as well as dicreet hints of black tea. The palate is fresh, beautifully mineral, fruity, well-balanced and offers a good fefinition, sapidity, suavity, freshness and precision in the frame. On the palate this wine expresses notes of fresh back cherry, purple plum and small notes of violet, crunchy and acidulous wild red berries associated with touches of liquorice, caramelization as well as hints of lily, toasted almond and pepper. Tannins are slightly tight and elegant. Good length. On the finish, hints of tonka bean and mocha.

I Vini di Veronelli 2015 2020
Slow Wine 2015 2020 L'IMPRONTA
Merum 2015 2020
Vinibuoni d’Italia 2015 2020
Slow Wine 2015 2020 VINO SLOW
Guida Vitae - AIS 2015 2020 4

Massimo punteggio

Merum 2014 2019/2020

Mittleres, reifendes Rot; etwas rote Frucht, dezente Holzreife; Mittelgewicht, Frucht, stolzes Tannin, lang (8995 Flaschen; L.6SA-17; eine Abfüllung; 13,5%; €36,00.)

Vini d'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2014 2019

ROSSI; Ricordi di resina e tabacco nel Barolo Sarmassa '14, vino ossuto e salato, ricco di contrappunti, ben speziato, che sconta solo un finale lungo ma privo di quell'energia a cui ci ha ben abituato.

Wine Enthusiast 2015 2020 97

Cellar Selection

I Vini di Veronelli 2014 2019 92
WINE WITOUT WALLS 2015 2019 92 /100


Wine News 2015 2019 BEST BUY

From the single vineyard Sarmassa, where Saint Agata's marne makes the difference, especially during warm year. This way the grape is safe and the wine has notes of spices and dried roses, prelude to a impressive balanced wine : the tannins of velour are elegant, the juice is creamy and long is the final.

Merum 2014 2019
Bibenda 2014 2019
Slow Wine 2014 2019 SLOW WINE

Bottle which, other than being excellent, succeed in transmitting into the glass the characteristics, linked to its territory, story and provenance. This symbol goes to the absence of chemical in the vineyard and good ratio price quality.

Vinibuoni d’Italia 2014 2019
Vinibuoni d’Italia 2014 2018 88,00 -89,99/100
Wine Enthusiast 2014 2018 93
Wine Enthusiast 2013 2017 88,00 -89,99/100

For the high quality thanks to: body, bouquet, length, elegance, pleasantness and harmony within all its components.

Falstaff 2013 2017 93

"Sattes, funkelndes Granatrot. Ansprechende Nase mit Noten nach Chinarinde und roten Orangenschalen, etwas Anchovis, dann viel Zwetschke. Zeigt am Gaumen viel satte, rote Beerenfrucht, nach Kirschen und Zwetschken, feinmaschiges, griffiges Tannin, baut sich gut aus, schöner Trinkfluss, langer Nachhall. Tasting: Traumweine aus dem Piemont; 24.11.2017 Verkostet von: Othmar Kiem, Simon Staffler"

Merum 2013 2018
Merum 2013 2017 88 - 89.9/100
Wine Enthusiast 2013 2017 96

Fragrant blue flower, dark spice, crushed herb and wild berry aromas are front and center on this impressive, structured red. The lively, energetic palate offers cranberry, red cherry, licorice and ground clove flavors set against youthful, noble tannins and firm acidity. A tobacco note lingers on the finish. It's still young and tightly wound but will blossom into a beauty over the next decade. Drink 2023–2045.

Jancis Robinson 2013 2017 17+

Pale ruby with orange tinges. The most concentrated on the nose of the three Brezza crus, with liquorice and strawberry on the nose, as well as the most approachable. Elegant yet with a firm structure and with impressive balance. A very elegant wine for this vineyard. (WS) 
Drink 2017-2030

Bibenda 2005 2010
Bibenda 2008 2013
Bibenda 2009 2014
Bibenda 2010 2015
Bibenda 2012 2017
Merum 2010 2015
Merum 2012 2017
Guida ai migliori vini d'Italia 2012 2017 93

All excellent wines presented by Enzo. Wines that do not follow a fashion, by definition frivolous and fleeting. From Dolcetto to Barbera, to arrive to Nebbiolo in a crescendo of wines of great solidity, reflecting well the essence of the names and territory. Very interesting all Barolo; by Cannubi, fine, elegant and eye-catching, the more energetic Castellero, to be finished by Sarmassa, which was during our tasting the most appreciated. A son of the wine of the vintage 2012, powerful features, with its dense and vigorous tannins, but very elegant. The best of this vineyard is finished in this wine, which struck us in particular, one of the best we have tasted in years. Complex, fine, slowly it opens on floral and spicy notes, but then you intrigued by the depth and structure. Persistent with a long pleasant and balsamic finish.

Slow Wine 2011 2016 Vino Slow

And we also received the award "CHIOCCIOLA" for an all-around outstanding winery

huon HOOKE 2012 2016 90

SILVER RIBBON Awarded #104 of 266 2012 Nebbiolo: Spicy, smoky, dried herb aromas; a big, powerful wine with massive tannins and solid grip. Superb balance and texture all the same. This will be rewarding in time. (Western exposure, more sun, big wines!)

Wine Enthusiast 2012 2016 92
Merum 2011 2016
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The Wine Advocate 1999 2003 89
The Wine Advocate 2000 2005 89
The Wine Advocate 2004 2008 90
The Wine Advocate 2003 2008 91
The Wine Advocate 2005 2009 92
The Wine Advocate 1990 90
The Wine Advocate 2006 2010 94
The Wine Advocate 2007 2011 92
The Wine Advocate 2008 2012 92
Jancis Robinson 2008 2013 95
The Wine Advocate 2009 2013 94

The 2009 Barolo Sarmassa delivers a polished and focused quality that hist the nose in a sharp and determined manner. The wie totally awakens your senses and the natural firmness o the tannins gives the mouthfeel a dry or tight aspect.The bouquet is absolutely beautiful here with dried flowers, locorice, cola, mint and loads of brimstone or pencil lead. Gorgeous. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2028

Merum 1999 2003
Merum 2001 2005


Merum 2005 2009


Merum 2006 2010
Merum 2007 2011
Merum 2009 2014
Slow Wine 2006 2011 Vino slow
Slow Wine 2006 2011 Vino slow
Decanter 2009 2013 95+/100


Falstaff 1999 5 Sept./Okt 2003 91
Falstaff 2009 5 Sept./Okt 2003 95

"Leuchtendes Rubinrot mit leicht aufhellenden orangen Rändern. Vielschichtige und komplexe Nase mit Noten Iod und roten Johannisbeeren, ansprechend. Saftiger Eintritt am Gaumen, ist salzig und die Tannine sind weich, noch jung, hat Potenzial. Tasting: Traumweine aus dem Piemont; 24.11.2017 Verkostet von: Othmar Kiem, Simon Staffler "

Vinforum 2001 Ottobre 2005 fra i Top 15
Vinum 1999 2003 4 punti

Scelto da Gigi Brozzoni, Direttore del Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli, per la degustazione guidata al VINUM 2004, della GoWine Alba.

Vinum 2000 2004

Scelto da Gigi Brozzoni, Direttore del Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli, per la degustazione guidata al VINUM 2004, della GoWine Alba.

Vinum 2001 2005 16,5

Pflaumennase, auch etwas Teernoten; im Mund fest und fuellig, geschmeidiges Tannin, feine Saeure, schoenes Finale nach Pflaumen und Gewuerzen. Ein Verfuehrer von einem 1,5 Hektar grossen Weinberg bei Barolo.

Wine Enthusiast 2010 2014 97

"TOP 100 CELLAR SELECTION WINES FOR 2014 - RANK NUMBER 16 From one of the best sites in Barolo, this intense wine opens with a multi-dimensional fragrance of crushed flwer, new leather, earth, incense, spice and black cherry. The vibrant, spicy palate delivers red berry accented with notes of black pepper, cinnamon spice, licorice and clove. Bold but noble tannin's an brisk acidity promise fantastic aging potential. Drink 2020-2050. Alc 14,5%"

Wine Enthusiast 2010 2014 Top 100

Top 100 cellar selection wines for 2014 - Rank number 16

Vinous 2010 2014 95
Annuario dei migliori vini italiani 2000 2005
Annuario dei migliori vini italiani 2005 2010
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Duemilavini – Bibenda 1999 2004
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Jancis Robinson 2010 2014 17
Duemilavini – Bibenda 2007 2012
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